Aromastick Natural Inhaler Relax

  • When you need to cope with everyday pressure or just want to unwind at the end of the day, the AromaStick Relax is always there to help. Positive thinking and inner peace are just a sniff away. Composure. Inner Peace. Positive Thinking.


    • The natural, relaxing scent within Organic Lavender Oil is a valuable for those who suffer from anxiety, frequent migraines, stress, and depression. Research states that the essential oil positively affects the nervous system, making it a popular choice for anyone who has troubles sleeping. People often spray lavender oil on their pillows to help induce a soundless sleep.


    • Organic Mandarin Oil is often used to calm nerves and to relax the anxious mind. It can even aid those experiencing an epileptic attack. Mandarin Oil is mostly known for its potent sedative abilities!


    • The serene, earthy Organic Veviter Oil assists nerve health, while also aiding those who have difficulties falling asleep at night. One of its many benefits includes its ability to kindle sexual desire!


    Three studies tested out the effectiveness of AromaStick Natural Inhaler Relax.

    One study used 40 participants to test if the area of application affected the benefits of AromaStick Natural Inhaler Relax. In the end, inhaling the product is much more effective than spraying it in a room.

    The numbers highlight the exponential difference between using the inhaler vs. spraying the product in a room:

    1. The inhaler decreased systolic blood pressure by 16.5 mmHg, whereas the room scent lowered blood pressure by five mmHg.


    1. By inhaling the product, participants’ diastolic blood pressure fell by 6.6 mmHg, whereas spraying it in a room only reduced it by 2.3 mmHg.


    1. The inhaler lessened the heart rate by 6.6 beats per minute, whereas heart rate only dropped by 2.9 beats per minute when it was sprayed in a room.


    Another study used 20 borderline hypertonic individuals. The findings revealed that inhaling AromaStick Natural Inhaler Relax every 2-3 hours for 30 days lowered blood pressure by 3 - 5 mmHg - results varied depending on psychological stress.

    One study used 90 participants, and the results confirm AromaStick Natural Inhaler Refresh’s ability to lower both diastolic and systolic blood pressure and heart rate in its participants while improving overall wellbeing by 20%.

    AromaStick, manufactured in Switzerland, is designed to deliver all scents directly into the nose, unlike aromatic sprays that cling to the air. The limbic system in the brain - handles emotions - is on the direct receiving end of the olfactory receptors in the nose, highlighting the efficient suspended filter technology design of the inhalers. This product is easy to carry on-the-go, meaning it is available to use wherever or whenever!

    Are the pressures of everyday life impacting your ability to relax? Give your mind the peace it deserves and order AromaStick Natural Inhaler Refresh today! The blend of 100% essential oils will help you uncover inner peace, positive thinking, and composure.

  • Organic Lavender Oil, Organic Mandarin Oil, Organic Vetiver Oil.
  • The AromaStick idea is simple: pack the power of nature into a simple to use format. Twist, sniff and enjoy a moment of balance.

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