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The AromaStick Story

These days, people are facing more and more pressure throughout their day. We noticed that, increasingly, they’re turning to unhealthy lifestyle choices or expensive, complicated and (mostly) ineffective treatments in order to cope. We felt ourselves falling into the same trap too. That’s when we began to think: there must be something more that can be done. And that’s when we set about working with scents.

The idea that scents can influence behaviour and emotions is nothing new. But it quickly became clear to us that people weren’t using them correctly to benefit. Sprayed into the air, they just give a nice background aroma. They are quickly diluted (along with their effects) and they tend to linger – even bugging others who don’t like such scents. This led us to the idea of a personal inhaler delivering smart scents made from 100% organic essential oils.

What followed was a labour of love – tinkering with different formulations, different delivery methods and innovative packaging materials while reaching out to institutions to investigate and test the products.

The result was the AromaStick. It’s the only product that makes scents a totally personal thing. Practical, portable and designed with your needs in mind. So we are very proud to present our first products. We hope you find them useful to make every day go smoother and to lift your spirits whenever you choose.


Nick and Tim

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