Aromastick Natural Inhaler Energy

  • Whether you feel a lack of energy in your everyday life or seek an extra boost in sport, the AromaStick Energy may just give you the edge you need to succeed. Energy. Motivation. Power.


    • Organic Peppermint Oil - uses of the oil date back to 1,000 BC, showcasing its powerful and needed properties. Among its many benefits, peppermint oil works to better exercise as it enhances energy levels. The oil also helps to improve blood circulation, which speeds metabolism and stimulates overall cognitive function. It also helps to reduce nausea, alleviate headaches and calms the colon.


    • Organic Grapefruit Oil - a refreshing essential oil with diuretic, disinfectant, stimulant, antidepressant properties. Some of its benefits include speeding up the metabolism, which is a result of the stimulation of hormone secretion and enzymes. It also energises the nervous system, resulting in feelings of wakefulness and energy.


    • Organic Rosemary Oil boosts of one of the most potent herbs on Earth and its benefits are almost endless. The essential oil helps to circulate blood, which can aid cramps and soreness, while also stimulating mental energy and healing headaches. Rosemary oil can help to remedy the exhausted mind.


    40 participants with an average age of 36.4 years tested out the AromaStick Natural Inhaler Energy. The research analysed the effect the inhaler had on blood oxygen levels. The results shows that AromaStick Natural Inhaler Energy increases the oxygenation in the blood by 115 more seconds than normal breathing (180 vs 65). Overall, the inhaler enhanced regular breathing by 1.6%. A higher level of oxygenation in the blood helps to heighten energy levels, boost the immune system, as well as improve overall muscle performance and workout recovery. It is important to note that each participant reported consistent and similar results after each cycle of inhalation.

    AromaStick, manufactured in Switzerland, is designed to deliver all scents directly into the nose, unlike aromatic sprays that cling to the air. The limbic system in the brain - handles emotions - is on the direct receiving end of the olfactory receptors in the nose, highlighting the efficient suspended filter technology design of the inhalers. This product is easy to carry on-the-go, meaning it is available to use wherever or whenever!

    Feel your best with AromaStick Natural Inhaler Energy, a 100% essential oil-made product that helps you uncover much-needed energy, a strong feeling of power, and that extra motivation to get you through your workday, workout, school, or household activities.

    Order AromaStick Natural Inhaler Energy and reap the benefits of enhanced energy levels via increased oxygen in the blood.

  • Organic Peppermint Oil, Organic Grapefruit Oil, Organic Rosemary Oil.
  • The AromaStick idea is simple: pack the power of nature into a simple to use format. Twist, sniff and enjoy a moment of balance.

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